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本文摘要:Joe Hollier, a 25-year-old former skater turned technology entrepreneur, describes the moment of transcendental calm when he gave up his smartphone. Mr Hollier had started “going light”, leaving behind his high tech pocket companion and di


Joe Hollier, a 25-year-old former skater turned technology entrepreneur, describes the moment of transcendental calm when he gave up his smartphone. Mr Hollier had started “going light”, leaving behind his high tech pocket companion and disconnecting from a world defined by ready access to the internet.乔攠利耶(Joe Hollier)今年25岁,曾多次是一名滑板运动员,现在则是一名科技企业家。他将退出智能手机的那一刻称作超觉安静时刻。奥利耶开始“变轻”,将自己的高科技随身携带设备抛掷之脑后,与一个以随时终端互联网为标志的世界斩断联系。It was not easy, he admits. “There is an initial anxiety,” he says. “It’s quite intense. You start tapping your pocket and fidgeting. But then there is this feeling of huge relief.”他否认,这并不更容易。


你开始敲打口袋,深感坐立不安。但随后就是这种如释重负的感觉了。”New York-based Mr Hollier and his co-founder Kaiwei Tang used the experience as the basis for a subversive mobile phone being launched this summer: revolutionary not for all the advanced features but for the lack of any at all.居住于在纽约的奥利耶及其牵头创始人唐开伟(音译)利用这种体验来点评将于今夏发售的一款颠覆性手机:它的革命性不在于什么高级功能,而是在于它什么高级功能也没。

The Light Phone allows you to make or take calls, but nothing else. There is only enough storage in the phone for 10 numbers. No messaging, no camera, no internet.你可以用于Light Phone接打电话,但除此之外什么都无法做到。这种电话里只有存储10个号码的空间,无法发短信、没摄像头,更加无法网际网路。The design is important: it is simplicity itself in a plastic shell the size of a credit card on which the numbers glow using a dot matrix screen. The recharging grind of most modern smartphones is avoided through a 20-day battery life.设计十分最重要:它的塑料壳是简练的反映,只有信用卡那么大,图形屏幕上面的数字放着微光。电池一次可以用于20天,不必像大多数现代智能手机那样常常电池。

“We tested out the concept,” says Mr Hollier, who met Mr Tang at a Google-run tech incubator. “We found that the value was not in what it can do but in the lack of it. We were offering the maximum disconnection with the minimum of choice.”奥利耶回应:“我们测试了这种概念,结果找到,价值不在于它能做到什么,而在于它无法做到什么。我们用最多的自由选择来尽量地斩断联系。”奥利耶在谷歌(Google)运营的一个科技产卵机构遇上了唐开伟。Mr Tang had been working for a smartphone company but found that the annual cycle of minor product improvements had become “gratuitous and wasteful”, according to Mr Hollier.据奥利耶回应,唐开伟之前为一家智能手机公司工作,但他找到,年复一年的产品小改良“毫无意义而且浪费”。

In a market where even the cheapest smartphones have the processing power of a basic personal computer, the Light Phone is partly a protest against the digital age. But Mr Hollier hopes it can become more than that: a way for its users to cut out distractions.在一个即便是最廉价的智能手机都享有基本个人计算机处置能力的市场里,Light Phone在一定程度上是对数字时代的抗议。但奥利耶期望它的意义好比于此:它还可以让其用户增加迟疑。“Solitude and boredom are two of my favourite things,” he says, pointing to the opportunity for creativity. “Pulling out the phone while waiting for a train had become a nervous habit. The side effects were surprisingly severe.”他说道:“睡觉和无趣是我钟爱的两件事。

”他认为迸发创造力的机遇。“等火车的时候拿走手机已沦为一个紧绷兮兮的习惯。其副作用相当严重得令人车祸。”The pair raised $415,127 from 3,187 backers on the Kickstarter platform to develop the phone. The device is still at a prototype stage but a company in China has begun manufacturing handsets to be shipped in June. They have taken pre-orders for $100 but say the exact retail price is not yet fixed. The first Light Phone is white; a black version is planned.这两人在Kickstarter平台上从3187名支持者那里筹措了41.5127万美元以研发Light Phone。


首款Light Phone是白色的,计划今后发售黑色版本。The device has found unexpected fans. Mr Hollier, who has had an array of jobs from running his own skateboarding company to film-making and graphic design, assumed that people a bit like him would want the phone: younger users who might not want to take their expensive technology to the beach or to go skating. But the device has found special resonance with business users over 45 years old, he says, who enjoyed the days before the constant distractions of the smartphone. “They remember the importance of sitting on a park bench and just thinking.”Light Phone还找到了出乎意料的粉丝。奥利耶腊过许多工作,从经营自己的滑板运动公司,到电影制片和图形设计。


”He says there has been a surprisingly warm reception in Asia, perhaps a backlash against the popularity of “phablet” phones designed primarily for access to the internet and watching video.他说道,这种手机在亚洲受到了车祸冷玉女,这也许是对主要用作网际网路和观赏视频的“平板手机”流行的声浪。Mr Hollier admits that most people will also want a smartphone, which can be linked to the Light Phone to forward calls. As a companion device, he says, the Light Phone is useful as an emergency fallback or for carrying when doing physical sports or on an evening out.奥利耶否认,大多数人还是想智能手机,而Light Phone可以把智能手机接管的调用桥接过来。他说道,作为一个随身携带设备,Light Phone可以用作应急可用手机或者在运动或者晚上出外时装载。

But in trying to create a device purposely designed to be used as little as possible, Mr Hollier and his partner may have stumbled on something that could turn out to be used rather a lot.但就企图建构一个目的是尽量不必的设备方面,奥利耶及其合伙人有可能建构了一款有可能被拿来相当多的产品。



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