本文摘要:Too hot? Some peaks offer climate migrants lots of land太热?


Too hot? Some peaks offer climate migrants lots of land太热?许多高山为气候移居者获取居住地Pikas like it cool. That’s why, as Earth’s climate warms, these furry mountain creatures are heading uphill. They’re searching for the chillier environments they prefer. And pikas aren’t alone. A 2011 study found that many mountain species have been shifting their range. They’ve been moving uphill by an average of 11 meters (36 feet) every decade since the 1960s.兔鼠讨厌它的炎热。这就是为什么随着地球气温增高,这些皮毛山地物种不会自由选择更高的地方。他们探索着自己青睐的更为炎热的环境。


自20世纪60年代起,他们每10年向更加低处迁移平均值11米(36尺)。Explainer: Global warming and the greenhouse effect解说员:全球气候逆温暖温室效应Scientists had assumed this would be bad news for the refugees. For one, the higher up a mountain they traveled, the less space that should be available to house them. After all, mountains are shaped like pyramids, right?科学家假设对于难民来说,这却是一个坏消息。

一方面,他们向更高的地方迁往,那么他们的居住面积就不会显得就越小。却是很多山的形状都是类似于金字塔式的。Not necessarily, a new study concludes.一项新的研究总结:不一定要这样In many mountain ranges, animals like pikas and birds may actually gain ground when they head uphill, the study shows. Paul Elsen is an ecologist at Princeton University in New Jersey. His team published its observations on May 18 in Nature Climate Change.研究指出,在许多山脉,像兔鼠类及鸟类动物向山上迁移的过程中不会争夺战地盘。

Paul Elsen是美国新泽西州普林斯顿大学生物学家。他的团队于5月18日在“大自然气候变化”上公开发表了这一研究结果。

Most researchers figured that the real estate available to migrating species would shrink the higher uphill they moved. If true, that would suggest that many global-warming migrants might run out of new sites to colonize — and face extinction.许多研究者假设能用来展开生物迁移的土地不会增大他们搬的更高的群居地。如果这一情况有误,那么说明了许多全球气候气候变化移居者和可能会耗尽新的居住地,造成濒临灭绝。The American pika, a relative of rabbits, prefers to live in cool settings.美国鼠兔,兔子的一种,讨厌居住于在较冷的地方。

But Elsen started to have his doubts about this while he was studying birds in the Himalayas. That’s a massive mountain range in East Asia. “I would hike up and reach these broad plateaus,” he recalls. He realized that such land features might actually offer more usable real estate to some species than they had had available to them on the steep slopes below.但是当Elsen还在喜马拉雅山研究鸟类时她开始回应产生猜测,那是亚洲的一个极大山脉。“我会步行攀上去抵达这些广阔的高原”,他回想道。




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